Christmas in Canaan and Growing The Big One - Hallmark MOWs


                     Christmas in Canaan

Below please find some design drawings and related images for the Hallmark film “Christmas in Canaan” Directed by Neil Fearnley . The film was based on a true story of a boy who grew up in Southern Texas in the 20s and 30s. We needed to give the film a rich pallet of autumn tones and period Southern US textures and feel. I designed the Freeman house based on a internet image I found and we had it from design to built in 7 days by Baron Shaver and his crew. It is still standing and in use. We used the James Town sets to provide a period feel with a little tweeking. We did many graphics also some samples below.

                  Growing the Big One

Below the line please find some images of design and construction of elements for the Hallmark film “Growing the Big One” Directed by Mark Griffiths. We did not need to build any working sets, we managed to find great locations to give our film it’s country feeling. The one thing that was missing were real really giant pumpkins. We managed to find fairly large ones but in the end I designed 6 pumpkins based on pre-existing Champions from the US and Canada and we used them. We built a believable Pumpkin Fair and we used cucumber and zucchini vines to fake for the out of season Giants. We did lots of cool graphics too ...